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About Us

Guangzhou Cienalo Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2007 and specializes in aluminum anodizing industry. Cienalo’s is a high-technology enterprise with research & development, production, sales and technology innovation. Owning the competitive technical background, strong ability of research and development, perfect equipments and sophisticated analytical instruments, besides, there are several senior professors employed in Rearch and Development Department in concentrating the products’ quality enhancement for many years, getting improvement of technology continuously, paying the close attention to the latest information, learning the advanced techniques and acquiring the related experience.

Cienalo’s is basing on strict requirements to produce the high quality, high standard products, and supporting by the good after sales services.

The business concept of Cienalo is Customers firstly, honestly and fulfilling the people requirement on surface of metal coloring. The main business scope is a variety of metal surface processing products, aluminum anodized dyes,and its auxiliaries,  such as special-effect degreaser, oil-removal powder, aluminum chemical buffing agent, aluminum cream-white treatment agent, stain remover, aluminum sealing agent, pH stabilizer, etc. With its outstanding gloss quality and excellent weather fastness, our products are generally applied to automobile manufacturing industries, mobile phone shells, flashlights, door handles, motorcycles, bicycles, ships, toys, household appliances, computers, etc.  Cienalo’s focuses in developing the advance technology, green environmental aluminum anodized dyes, which are well accepted by the public because of their stable quality and chromatography completely.

Cienalo’s stays focuses on her marketing competitive situation, except the domestic market, we are also participating in most international cooperation and keen competition. In order to meet the increasing of market demand, we have cooperated with most well known domestic and foreign brands such as Clariant of Switzerland, Okuno of Japan, Pionmi of China, etc. to form the long term strategic relationship,those help Cienalo to develop persistence,stability,internationalization and build up the solid foundation of Cienalo’s reputation to be one of the high quality brand of aluminium dyes in China.

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